Javiera Estrada

Javiera Estrada was born in Mexico and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. She studied photography at Santa Monica College. Upon graduation, Javiera founded the artist collective Cathexis, a collaborative group for artists and photographers. They went on to produce numerous exhibitions throughout the city of Los Angeles. Javiera has also exhibited in over 25 gallery shows including the Silent Gallery, Shoshana Wayne Gallery and the Robert Berman Gallery. Recently Javiera exposed her series Salt + Sea at the Laemlee Theatres along with her experimental film.

Pillars of Creation is a photograph of the interstellar gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula some 7,000 light years from Earth. It is a place where stars are born and simultaneously eroding by the light of nearby stars. This new series is an exploration of consciousness and the ever expanding world of the universe within.  Magical worlds are created through the explosions of ink in water. Through the negative space, vibrant textures emerge organically.

In the Bedroom, is an intimate perspective of the space between the subconscious dreamworld and fantasy.  Portrayed through the feminine archetype, this personal journey is a kaleidoscopic explosion of color and imagination interwoven and juxtaposed in the stillness of the environment. In addition to the photographs on display, the artist has created an installation that is a dialogue about what is real and what is fantasy.  A bed covered in creatures, random objects and beautiful flowers represents pieces of our fragmented beliefs of what is real. Crumpled papers filled with the dreams of individual people cover the space, ready to be opened, read and crumpled again to return to the void of nothingness.